Ibex Multi-Day Official Finishers T-shirt

Successfully completing the Ibex Multi-Day or Challenge

Those runners successfully completing the Ibex Multi-Day or Challenge stage-races will receive one of these exclusively designed finishers' technical t-shirts.

Planning continues for both races, due to be held from 23-28 December 2020, as we look to the future of trail racing with hope.


The artwork takes inspiration from Moclín castle and church, which overshadow the daily start and finish lines. The design illustrates the legendary strength and fortitude of the area; a place steeped in history.


Moclín castle – also know by its traditional name the Hins al-Muqlin fortress - holds a special place in Andalucian history. Virtually impenetrable, the castle was continuously besieged during the Nasrid conquest, before finally falling to the army of the Catholic Kings in 1486, and signalling the beginning of the end of the Moorish empire on mainland Spain.

While Moclín church – the Santuario del Santísimo Cristo del Paño
– houses the famous standard carried by the army of Isabella and Ferdinand in its successful conquest. The painting continues to offer hope and protection to the people and visitors of Moclín.


The technical t-shirts, made in Spain, will be locally printed.

We look forward to welcoming you to the races in December, as runners take a passage through time.