Volunteers Terms


1.1 ULTRA TRAIL SPAIN, Ref: Y3261941A, with the collaboration of the City Council of Moclín, organize the IBEX MULTI-DAY. Hereby known as the Organizers. The first edition of the event will be held between 23 December 2021 and 27 December 2021, in Moclín and surrounding areas in the provinces of Granada and Jaén, Spain.
2.1 By signing up as a Volunteer, individuals agree to the following terms and conditions as specified by the Organizers.


3.1 If accommodation is required, please indicate at the time of Volunteer registration and we will confirm back if there is availability, as soon as possible.

Article 4: MEALS

4.1 Throughout the event, Volunteers will be supplied with breakfast, lunch and evening meals, as required. Please advise if you do not require all meals.

4.2 All meals will be vegetarian. Volunteers / Runners are welcome to bring additional snacks / rehydrated meals etc, in the event that they wish to eat something different. There is also a small, local shop and bars available in Moclín.

Article 5: CLOTHING

5.1 Volunteers are responsible for bringing suitable clothing to the event. When the event takes place the weather is normally dry and sunny throughout the day, temperatures can reach 20C, however temperatures can be below freezing at sunrise. You could be standing around outside. Also, whilst it is normally dry, Volunteers should have clothing suitable for the worst case scenario (rain!).


6.1 Unless there are exceptional circumstances, and it has been pre-approved by the Organizers, there will be no financial reimbursements. Instances that may receive payment would included pre-approved medics, photographer, ambulance etc.

Article 7: TRAVEL

7.1 Whilst the Organizers can arrange transfers to and from Malaga / Granada Airports and/or Granada bus station, we do not in anyway reimburse for additional travel costs. Any additional travel expenses are the responsibility of the Volunteer.


8.1 Volunteers can cancel at any time. However, we would request that you do so as far in advance of the event as you can please.


9.1 To formalize your Volunteer registration, you will be required to sign a Personal Wavier form at final registration, which takes place the day before the race commences. In the case of Volunteers committing to single days, they will be required to sign a Personal Wavier before commencement of duties.

Article 10: SAFETY

10.1 All Volunteers will be required to attend a safety briefing, the day before the race commences. ULTRA TRAIL SPAIN takes the safety of both participants and Volunteers extremely seriously. It is the responsibility of the Volunteer to ensure they are fit to fulfill the daily event tasks assigned. If for any reason the Volunteer is unable to complete a task or feels unwell, this must immediately be communicated to the Organizers.

Article 11: IMAGE RIGHTS

11.1 To formalize your registration, you will be required to sign a Media Release at final registration. The signature of this Media Release implies that the Volunteer authorizes ULTRA TRAIL SPAIN to take photographs and film of their participation in the IBEX MULTI-DAY, and gives them their consent for its dissemination, commercial and advertising exploitation of all the images taken during the IBEX MULTI-DAY.


12.1 In compliance with the regulations of Spanish data protection legislation (Law 15/1999 of December 13). We inform you that by registering you authorize the Organizers (ULTRA TRAIL SPAIN) to collect your personal data for the use solely of processing your Volunteer registration. And similarly, to communicate the data provided to us to be included in automated files to be shared with relevant organizations (for example, medics in case of medical information). We also inform you that you can exercise your access rights at any time, correction, and cancellation in the terms provided in the Law, by means of a letter addressed to "Ultra Trail Spain (IbexMultiDay.com)" Cl/ Al Andalus 10, Moclin, 18247 Granada, Spain or sending an email to "info@IbexMultiDay.com".