COVID-19 protocol

IBEX MULTI-DAY Covid 19 risk prevention measures

Social distancing in Spain is 1.5m

You will all be aware of the current increased risk of Covid-19 throughout Europe. The number of runners participating in the list is already limited and below the regulations for maximum groups within Andalucia. The number of crew and volunteers has also been kept to a minimum. All runners and crew/ volunteers meet with the current vaccination schedule for possession on an EU vaccine passport.

The measures outlined below are the current measures which have been implemented throughout Andalucia since the middle of last year; they are subject to change but we think they will remain the same so please take note.

Inside Hostal Rural/ Race HQ

a) Runners NOT staying in Hostal Rural will only be able to access the communal areas. You are welcome to leave a recovery bag (clothes etc) in the dining area for use after the race. Distance must be maintained.

Areas of access

  1. Courtyard toilets
  2. Dining area
  3. Medical room
  1. Masks must be worn in all communal areas, when not eating/ drinking.
  2. Please use hand sanitizer on entry/ exit to communal areas.
  3. Tables/ chairs have been spaced out to maintain social distance. Please avoid moving them around.
  4. Tables/ chairs will be cleaned daily. Surface spray/ clothes are provided for more frequent individual use.
  5. Where possible, windows are kept open for increased ventilation.
  6. Please wear your mask while accessing the public toilets in the courtyard. Please keep the outer door open when facilities are not in use. Toilets will be cleaned regularly.
  7. Briefings/ prize givings will be held outside as much as possible. We will keep them ‘brief’! Information will be posted on the notice board in the dining area for you to access at all times.
  8. In order to avoid increased groups in communal areas and where possible; we ask you to stagger your meal time please. Dinner is served from 19:00.
  9. Masks should be worn at race registration. You will be required to complete the FAM Covid documentation.

Race protocol

  1. Runners and crew/ volunteers will be temperature checked every day. Runners will be temperature checked as they enter the starting pen.  Please arrive 10 mins before the race start time.
  2. Masks must be worn in the starting area (applicable to all runners, supporters, volunteers, crew). Your number will be checked as you enter the pen.
  3. As soon as the race is started and you are moving you can remove your mask. (Remember, you will need to put your mask on if you decide to stop off on route and go inside a shop or bar.)
  4. You do not need to wear your mask in aid stations. Please use the hand sanitizer provided before touching the water bottles. Crew will wear masks when distance cannot be maintained. Point to what you require and crew will hand it to you. Water is self serve. Maintain your distance.
  5. Please put your mask on when exiting the finish area and before re-entering Hostal Rural.
  6. Masks should be worn in the massage area. Janice will advise when you can remove.

Room arrangements

Some of your will be sharing rooms with those outside of your travel group. We have checked with the Junta de Andalucia and this is permitted.

Beds are arranged to facilitate suitable distance between them. You are advised to keep a window open for ventilation. Do not sleep in a mask, due to risk of suffocation. We suggest you ‘bubble’ with those who you are sharing with for the duration of the race.

Medical support

Medical support is available throughout the race. Testing will be available to those showing symptoms.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We are confident you will all do everything that is necessary before and during to ensure compliance and reduce risks, and guarantee the safety of the event. Thank you.