Preparing for Ibex Multi-Day

The Ibex Multi-Day is a 5-day, multi-stage ultra of 212km in Granada, Spain. The first edition will be held at Christmas 2020.

Entry includes:

  • Marked course of 212km, split into five daily stages
  • Accommodation for duration of event
  • Hot vegetarian evening meals
  • Finisher's momento
  •  Live timing
  • Official race t-shirt
  • Volunteer support
  • Full medical support for duration of race
  • Aid stations every 10-15km
  • Finish line recovery area
  • An unforgettable experience

We appreciate you don't want to walk far to reach to the daily start/ finish line! Depending on the accommodation you are staying in, the start/ finish line is a maximum of 400m away.

There's a neat slot in the race schedule over the festive period, when many people have set holiday to take. We've found there are folks around who are looking to experience an alternative experienced over the festive time.

The Ibex Multi-Day is a challenging race. You need to be reasonably fit and well-prepared for the expected conditions. The race should not be underestimated, and you are advised to train for the type of terrain and ascent profile you will encounter.

Everyone is welcome and we'll do our best to support your efforts. If you're fit, well-prepared and injury free on the start line, then you certainly stand a very good chance of completing. In order to meet cut-off times, participants need to move at an average pace of 11 minutes per kilometre or faster. This is faster than just hiking pace over the type of terrain you will cover, and will involve running where you can. There are some big ascents and steep descents which might mean you go slower at times.

Cut-off times have been established to ensure that you get some recovery time between stages. It can be cold after dusk, plus you will be fatigued from your day out on the trails. For your health, we need to make sure you do not spend too long finishing stages in darkness.

We also need to consider our volunteers who will be out on course supporting runners all day. We need to ensure they get adequate rest too.

The route covers a mixture of terrain from rolling wide track, to woodland trail, to road, to single track mountain trail… we'd suggest footwear which fits well and is comfortable. As you'll be staying in the same location each evening, you're welcome to bring several pairs of running shoes and swap from day to day.

Aside from your mandatory kit, which you will need to carry while you run each day (unless advised otherwise at daily briefing), suggested kit includes: sunscreen, lip-balm, mini first aid kit for the management of small wounds, cuts or rubs; plus sunglasses, gloves, hat and running poles.

You will also need your regular running kit – running top, long-sleeved top, shorts/ tights, underwear, and socks etc. Don't forget some warm clothing to wear after each stage and in the evenings, and of course some comfy indoor footwear to help your feet recover.

If you wear a GPS watch – remember your charger! As well as phone charger and adapter.

It is important you bring food for your breakfast with you, as well as any recovery foods, snacks, electrolytes, gels/ bars and extra foodstuffs you may like. There is also a small grocery shop in the village. We will ensure there is plenty of boiling water available for making dehydrated meals at all times.

You also need to remember towels, toiletries and any medication, including foot-care and blister prevention items you may use. While we have medics in attendance, we suggest you learn to manage your own feet as best you can, so as to relieve pressure on the medical team. Please, do not use NSAIDs, such as Ibuprofen, during the race due to the associated and well-documented risks.

We will provide kettles and toasters in communal areas so that you can prepare rehydrated meals if you wish to provide your own meal; and encourage you to do so particularly if you need to top-up immediately after stages.

We encourage everyone to attend the pre-race briefing pasta party and post-event dinner, as well as evening briefings. But, otherwise you are welcome to visit any of the bars in Moclin for food and drink whenever you wish.

Bar la Plaza – Juan Fran opens for breakfast most mornings from around 8.00am and is a great coffee stop! The kitchen closes mid afternoon, but reopens for evening meals and tapas later.

Meson Colo is open from lunchtime onwards, with evening meals available from 8.00pm. A menu is not available but if you ask, Colo and his wife, Paloma, they are sure to rustle you up some food, particularly if you book the day before.

Please note: Bar la Plaza is closed on Mondays. Both bars will be closed at lunchtime on Christmas Eve; opening again at midnight.

We'd suggest bringing a few euros to cover any extra items you may choose to buy. There is a cash machine in the village.

Yes, there is a small grocery store in the village. It is open weekday mornings (9.30am to 1.30pm approx) and evenings (6.00pm to 7.30pm approx). Hours may vary on Christmas Eve.

Yes, there is a small emergency pharmacy in Moclin; just 200m from the race HQ.

Yes, you are welcome to stop off on route. Remember, however, the race clock does not stop while you are! You may also spot local bakery and grocery vans touring some of the villages you pass through when near aid stations. You are welcome to purchase from them.

We hope so! It's one of the reasons we love trail running. The area is home to many different species of animals and reptiles. Most snakes will be hibernating over the winter and if they are out and about, they will be trying to get away from you. Any snakes you see at this time of year, will be slow moving as they will be cold. If you come across one, walk and pass wide. Also, tell any other runners nearby.

Wherever possible, we have asked local dog owners to be aware runners will be in the area and to keep their dogs secure. If you come across a loose dog, please walk past, don't make eye contact, pet them, or encourage them to follow you. Andalucian dogs love to roam, and we don't want a pack camped outside your accommodation each night!

The Ibex Multi-Day is a UTMB qualifying race. Official finishers of all stages will be accredited 5-points by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA) which will help them qualify for the UTMB in the ballot process. A number of other high profile mountain races also require entrants to hold current ITRA points.