EVENING MEAL (21st - 27th December 2021)


  • EVENING MEAL (included)
  • DAYTIME MEALS (not included)
  • BREAKFAST (not included)

Nom, nom! Aside from enjoying the running, we at Ibex Multi-Day want you to enjoy your evening meals. After-all, it’s important to fuel up and relax between each stage.

Your Ibex Multi-Day cook supremos are Upesh and Sara! We’ve tasted their cuisine and it’s super tasty and comforting… exactly what you need to get you turned around and ready to hit the trails the following day.

The ingredients used are all fresh, seasonal and locally sourced. Sara and Upesh are regulars at the produce market at nearby Alcala la Real.

And our mouth is already watering with the sounds of the dessert surprises they have in store for you… lots of cake.

The evening main-meal menu served from around 7pm each evening is as follows:

  • 21 Dec - Spicy bean hot-pot with couscous and a yoghurt and cucumber dressing
  • 22 Dec - Mediterranean roasted veg pasta with feta
  • 23 Dec - Sweet potato, carrot and lentil cottage pie
  • 24 Dec - Vegetable lasagna with garlic bread
  • 25 Dec - Mild vegetable curry, with dal and rice
  • 26 Dec - Spanish style tortilla, with jacket spuds and Sara’s homemade baked beans
  • 27 Dec - Veggie chili, with guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips

Important information:

As is the nature of semi-sufficient stage races, you’ll need to carry whatever foods you enjoy to run off. Aid stations will have plenty of water and cola. There will be limited fruit and salty snacks from 20km each day, plus tea and coffee, and we can boil water for you, but aside from this please come prepared. The weather should warm up each day; it will be cold first thing.

You need to provide and prepare your own breakfast each day. We’re guessing some of you will opt for bars, dehydrated brekkies, porridge pots… please ensure you are suitably stocked up.

You will have access to shared kettles, a shared fridge, and microwave in the communal dining area. Please, also remember that you will need to bring your own crockery/ utensils for whatever breakfast you will be preparing. For health and hygiene reasons, the main kitchen will be out of bounds.

We suggest visiting one of the local bars for lunch on 22 December. Alternatively, the village grocery store will be open until 1.30pm, for those wishing to buy a few provisions.

The communal dining area will also serve as the finish line recovery area – there’s a cosy log burner ;-) - so whatever finish line shakes, snacks and goodies you enjoy, you can leave them here ready to go on your return.

Our plastic bottle commitment

After reading various recent media reports indicating how little plastic actual gets recycled, we’ve had a heart-felt rethink. Totting the number of 8-litre bottles of water we’d be using each day is staggering amount of mainly virgin plastic.

The tap water here is perfectly good to drink; and so we will be using food-grade 20 litre refillable water bottles on the checkpoints. These will all have taps for you to fill your bottles easily.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much about the cola bottles; but please be assured we will be putting all plastic waste into the village recycling facilities each evening – we can but hope that the bottles do find their way into the recycling circle and you and us are contributing as little as possible to the plastic on the planet.