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Stage 3 is the conundrum multi-day stage in the Ibex Multi-Day Ultra. It’s the ‘shorter’ stage before the long day. The question – go faster and increase recovery time before the long day or go steadier and ensure your legs aren’t totally trashed?! That’s one that only you can answer.

Today’s course is exactly the same for both our Ultra and Challenge runners. Although it is a ‘longer’ stage for the Challenge runners when taken in the context of the overall event; it is the day with the least combined gain.

Today’s route starts with a tour of Moclin village, before dropping steeply downhill on the Camino Mozarabe. Enjoy… the views are stunning!

At the Cruz de Tiena you’ll turn right towards, you guessed it, Tiena. Following another short village stretch, the track takes you on an old olive grove track deep into the campo. In a place of rabbits and hoopoe birds, you’ll find some big climbs as you make your way to CP1.

It’s a fast exit out of the checkpoint on an abandoned road, with a fast 5km descent. Views are toward Sierra Elvira, the city of Granada and the Sierra Nevada range beyond.

Turning left onto the Low Camino Mozarabe, the trail runs alongside the river, passing an ancient Roman weir, sometimes through reeds and sometimes through olive groves. Progress can be steady at times due to soft going underfoot.

Eventually, the trail will narrow as you head straight ahead and past the fording point at Bucor. Another short section of olive grove, takes you down to a river-fording point and onto the GR-3408 road crossing.

After carefully crossing the road, the track continues on the Camino Mozarabe. This old path winds up and down, narrows and widens as you head toward the village of Olivares. Passing through Bar Las Vegas – named after the flat river plains used for growing fruit and vegetables – you’ll head into the village and into CP2.

The route takes you over the old river bridge, past Bar Los Martinez, the church, and on upwards to Moclin, where the finish line awaits.