Stage 5 The final stage – a day of emotion! Time to just get the race finished, but also a day tinged with sadness that the adventure is nearly over. Enjoy it! Both courses head around and behind Moclin castle, before dropping steeply through the olive groves. The route crosses the GR-3408 at the river,
Stage 4 The big one for our Ultra runners – 60km and 2,115m positive ascent. A gentler 31km and 1,380m positive ascent for the Challenge. Both routes head out of Moclin on the same track and over Sierra Puerto Lope. The descent is steep and rocky in places. Skirting around the village of Puerto Lope,

EVENING MEAL (21 – 27 December 2021)

Nom, nom! Aside from enjoying the running, we at Ibex Multi-Day want you to enjoy your evening meals. After-all, it’s important to fuel up and relax between each stage. Your Ibex Multi-Day cook supremos are Upesh and Sara! We’ve tasted their cuisine and it’s super tasty and comforting… exactly what you need to get you
Stage 3 Stage 3 is the conundrum multi-day stage in the Ibex Multi-Day Ultra. It’s the ‘shorter’ stage before the long day. The question – go faster and increase recovery time before the long day or go steadier and ensure your legs aren’t totally trashed?! That’s one that only you can answer. Today’s course is


STAGE 2 (ULTRA / CHALLENGE) Today’s route is one for the speedsters with plenty of running. The decision… run harder or run conservatively and save the legs? All the fun of a multi-day! The Ultra and Challenge courses head out on the same track. You’ll then take a rough old track downhill past the cemetery,


STAGE 1 (ULTRA / CHALLENGE) The route sweeps back around Moclin, before descending on the Ruta de Gollizno. This technical descent breaks into a riverside trail and the famous swing bridge crossing. It’s then hard uphill in a possible ibex spotting area, and into CP 1. The route then heads across olive groves and up
Federación Andaluza de Montañismo (FAM).
OFFICIAL AFFILIATION WITH FAM We are proud to announce that Ibex Multi-Day will be affiliated to the Federación Andaluza de Montañismo (FAM). This means that our race will meet with the strict quality and safety requirements of mountain sports in Andalucia. As runners within an officially federated and recognised race, you will be provided with
CAFFEINE BULLET SUPPORTS IBEX MULTI-DAY IBEX MULTI-DAY AND CHALLENGE EVENTS ARE GRATEFUL TO THE SUPPORT OF caffeine bullet Ibex Multi-Day has teamed up with Caffeine Bullet to bring our runners the opportunity to find out more about the energy product which is taking the ultra-running world by storm. Most of us ultra-runners are already aware
Final Surge
Ibex Multi-Day and Challenge events are grateful to the support of Final Surge training log. The training log and app for athletes and coaches allows you to plan and log your workouts. Ideal for those preparing for stage-races like the Ibex-Multi-Day and Challenge events, when consistency and gradual training development is vital. Users get to
Those runners successfully completing the Ibex Multi-Day or Challenge stage-races will receive one of these exclusively designed finishers’ technical t-shirts. Planning continues for both races, due to be held from 23-28 December 2020, as we look to the future of trail racing with hope. The artwork takes inspiration from Moclín castle and church, which overshadow